H-Ball Rules

Bellbrook Lions 

The H-League is a program for players making a transition from T-Ball to Baseball and is designed to teach a player to hit a pitched ball with more confidence and less danger. As with all non-competitive divisions, the emphasis is on teaching fundamentals.  Home Team is responsible for keeping score, but team standings will not be kept.

1.  The defensive team will field 10 players with the extra player positioned in the outfield.  Regular positions, including a catcher, must be played at all times.  The four outfielders must play outside the perimeter of the infield until the ball is hit. Infielders must position themselves at  normal depth in relation to the bases which is defined as follows:
First, Second and Third basemen must be within 15 feet of the base. The Shortstop must be within 15 feet of the baseline between second and third base. 
(The intent of this rule is to teach players proper positions and to prohibit a team from using abnormal positions to take unfair advantage of a batter or runner.)
2.  All players must play at least three innings of defense within the first five innings of the game and each player must play at least two innings per game at an infield position.
3.  The “Infield Fly Rule” will not be used.
4.  After a fair hit, the ball remains alive until the umpire signals “TIME”.  Time can not be called until the ball is held by an infielder in the infield area, the player requests "TIME” and in the opinion of the umpire all play has ceased.
5.  Games will start at 6:30pm unless delayed by weather
                No new innings will start after the Time Limits have expired.
                                                              Innings                                                       Time Limit
H LEAGUE                                             5                                                               1 1/2 Hours
6.  There are two pitching positions.  The designated pitcher and the player pitcher. The manager or coach of the team at bat is the designated pitcher. The player pitcher is a member of the defensive team.
7.  The designated pitcher pitches from the pitching rubber.  A slow overhand motion is normally used. The intent of the game is to get the batter to hit the ball.  If necessary, the designated pitcher may move off the rubber towards the hitter and use an underhand motion.
8.  The designated pitcher may remain on the playing area after the ball is hit making sure not to interfere with the ball, runners or fielders.  If the batted ball hits the designated pitcher or the designated pitcher catches the ball, it is declared a DEAD BALL and the batter is awarded 1st base.  No other base runners may advance unless forced.
9.  The player pitcher will stand three feet off the left or right side of the mound. Once the designated pitcher begins their  motion, the player pitcher may not move until the ball is hit.