1. All players must address all adults as Mr., Mrs., Miss or Coach while on the playing field.
2. A ball is in play until time out is officially acknowledged by the Umpire. Players are not permitted to question a call by an umpire.
3. A player may not use profanity or any tobacco products on the playing field.
4. A player damaging any equipment in a malicious act, will be ejected and must reimburse the league before being reinstated. A player throwing a bat or helmet, will be called out and may be ejected from the game.
5. The intimidation of any player by another player will not be tolerated. The offending player will be ejected.
6. A player ejected from a game for any reason, must leave the field and will be suspended for the next scheduled game.
7. A player, or players, fighting while in a uniform before, during or after a game while in the park will be suspended from play for a number of games set by the League Committee.
8. All players must wear the Full Uniform provided by the Bellbrook Lions Club. All Shirts or Jerseys must be tucked and worn properly.
9. All players must remain seated on the bench during the game except when required to be on the field of play. No players or spectators are allowed directly behind Home Plate.
10. All Batters and Runners must wear helmets. Any player intentionally removing the helmet will be called out. Helmets must be worn during batting practice. Catchers must wear a helmet, throat protector and a mask during the game and while warming up a pitcher (girl’s softball only requires a mask). A player ting as a coach in the 1st or 3rd base coaching boxes, must wear a batting helmet.
11. A base runner attempting to overrun a defensive player in a legal position, will be called out. All base runners must slide into 2nd, 3rd or Home if a play is being made on that runner. The offending player will be called out. This rule does not apply to Softball.
12. Metal Cleats are prohibited.
13. All players must be given an equal amount of playing time except in cases where the player does not have a reasonable excuse to be absent from practices. The Manager must be report any reason for a player not playing to the league coordinator.
14. The Bellbrook Lions Club recommends players wear a protective cup for safety. This is at the discretion of the player and the player’s parent(s).
 1. The manager, coaches and representatives from each team are required to attend the Pre-Season Rules Meeting.  The meeting will be conveniently scheduled and all parties notified.  The meeting will take place at Sackett-Wright Park and last approximately 2 hours.
2. The manager/coach will conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times.  This includes abuse (verbal or otherwise) of another coach, player, umpire or a spectator.
3. No manager/coach will shout instructions of any kind to an opposing player or manager/coach. 
4. Any manager/coach removing their team from the field without the instruction of an umpire will forfeit the game.
5. The base coach must remain in the coaching boxes.  Any runner assisted by a coach while running the bases is OUT.
6. Except for base coaches, all managers/coaches must remain in the dugout area unless a time out has been granted by the umpire.  First offense will be a warning. Repeated offenses will result in ejection from the game.
7. The HOME team manager/coach is responsible for the field preparation before the game.  (field markings, wet areas, placement of bases, etc.)
8. Managers must maintain control of all players at all times. Do not allow players to harass umpires or other players.  All players must remain on the bench when not on the field.  No player, coach, or spectator will be permitted behind the center portion of the backstop.
9. All games will be played as shown on the official schedule. All games rescheduled due to weather will be announced by a league official to  the manager/coach.  If a game is to be canceled due to bad field conditions, both managers must agree and jointly contact the umpires as soon as possible.
10.The manager must present to the opposing team manager a roster of the players he/she has present at the start of the game. This will be the batting order for the game.
11.The manager/coaches should have the teams ready to play prior game time. The defensive team must be ready to play within 2 minutes of the last out.  This will enable more playing time and keep the game on a steady pace.